Sunday, November 28, 2010

28/11 - Sun - Finally

Supposed to do the workout Benji gave me, but just failing the 5 x 60kg cleans the other night is on my mind

3 x 30kg Power Cleans
3 x 40kg Power cleans
3 x 40kg Cleans
3 x 50kg Power cleans
3 x 50kg cleans

5 x 50kg cleans
5 x 60kg cleans (f-r5)
5 x 60kg cleans (f-r5)
5 x 60kg cleans *whoohoo! Rep 5 was ugly as hell but got it up

2 x 10 Push Jerk @50kg (from rack)

Note: I struggle with confidence with heavy weights, so mentally it is important that I know I can do it. Just now need to do it in front of Benji, when I'm exhausted!

*Went in with a sore right hamstring and hoped it would loosen up during the workout, felt fine doing the cleans but is f*cking sore now that I have cooled down. Hopefully it will be ok

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sat - proposed workout

Hope to get this done Sat night

5 Rds
7 x Cleans @50kg
15 x C2B

Thursday, November 25, 2010

25/11 Thurs - 8pm class

3 rds
10 x Pullups
15 x squats

2km row

Time: 7.50 *pb

5 rds
15 x Deadlift @65kg
12 x KB swing @20kg
9 x Weighted Pushup @15kg plate

Time 23.51 (i think)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

22/11 - Mond - 8pm class

3 rds
10 x HSPU
20 x Lunges

1 x Run
20 x Burpee/Box jumps
15 x DB thruster @12.5kg
1 x Run

Time: 26 mins+ change *Pushed hard, should have gone heavier on DB

Then Benji pulled me aside to test the missing piece for Group1 - Squat cleans

5 x 40kg
5 x 50kg
5 x 60kg (f-r4)
5 x 60kg (f-r5) *Fuck! So close...

Aaron (after 40kg x 5) : Benji , I'm really tired from the WOD
Benji : Suck it up and put another 10kg on the bar

Notes: I can f*cking do the squat cleans, mentally I now know, so I have to attack it next time. 1st time doing 60kg full cleans. Group 1 is just round the corner. My hard work is paying off. Feel great!

Friday, November 19, 2010

20/11 Sat - More deadlifts, more cleans

6 Rds
6 x Deadlift @80kg
6 x Muscleups
6 x Cleans @45kg

Untimed, 1-2 mins break between rds

That was 'effin hard

Thursday, November 18, 2010

18/11 - Thurs - 8pm Class

50th class at Schwartz!!

10 x 20kg
10 x 30kg
10 x 35kg
10 x 42kg
10 x 42kg
10 x 42kg

2 rds
20 X DU
30 x HSPU
20 x DU
30 x K2E
20 x DU
30 x KB swings @24kg
20 x DU
30 x GHD situps
20 x DU
30 x Back Ext

Time 34.29

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

16/11 Tues - 7pm Class

Good working out with a different group of people for a change

10 x ring Dips
10 x OHS
A bunch of power snatches

run 400m
5 x Power Snatch @30kg
10 x Wall Ball@20lb
15 x pullups

Time 26.17

3 rds
10 x GHD situps
10 x Hanging leg raises
walking on hands practice

Notes: 135 pullups the night before wasn't ideal preparation for this! Needless to say my lats are sore

Saturday, November 13, 2010

14/11 Mond - Backyard Workout

Cant make class - hopefully will go tomorrow night

AMRAP 20 mins
5 x HSPU
10 x Wall ball (14lb)
15 x Pullups

9 rds + 5 HSPU+ 9 wallballs

Notes: Not my greatest performance but at least i got it done

13/11 Sat -Rest

Working all day, out tonight = rest day

Friday, November 12, 2010

12/11 - Frid - Cleans

5 rds
5 x Full cleans @45kg
10 x Push Press @40kg
2 mins break btwn rds

5 min break then

5 rds
10 x Power clean & Jerk @40kg
2 mins break bwtn rds

Notes WOD1 : Hardwork but did them all unbroken. 1st time I have done 45kg x5 , so to do 5 sets is good. Full cleans aren't perfect yet but they are improving.

Notes WOD2: Was pretty wrecked from WOD1, did all rounds in 2 sets x 5. Felt pretty good, just exhausted by the end of it.

Bloody hard session

11/11 Thurs - 8pm Class

3 rds
10 x HSPU
15 x OHS

3 rds
1 x Run
30 x Burpees
60 x DU

Time : 27.17

2 rds
walking lunges (up and back)
15 x Back Ext

1 x Mu/HSPU attempt

Notes: Pretty happy with the way I went, good consistent effort gave me one of the quicker times of the day

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10/11 Wed - Rest

OMG my legs are soooo sore.

I really hope I can keep up the hard work that I am putting in at the moment. Benji has set me the challenge to do everything Rx'd at the next competition and I am determined to do it. Lot of hard work ahead.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

9/11 Tues - umm...Deadlifts

5 Rds
5 x Deadlift @85kg
10 x HSPU
2 mins break in btwn rds

- all rounds unbroken (barely)

3 rds (was supposed to 5)
10 x Thruster @40kg
10 x C2B Pullups
2 mins break btwn rds

- all rounds unbroken (again, only just)

Pre WOD Notes: Legs mega sore from Kelly, but will just have to suck it up. My goal will be do do as many rounds in both workouts unbroken.

Post WOD notes: Deadlifts were hard but felt good, getting better and better. Thrusters destroyed me, but my legs are stronger than i think, I have got to start being more positive and confident with leg stuff now. All in all a good, hard session.

8/11 Mond - 8pm Class

3 rds
10 x Ring Dips
15 x Squats
1 x MU-HSPU attempt

5 Rds
400m run
30 x Wall Ball 20lb
30 x Box jumps

Time 35.28 *pb (prev time 38.45)

Notes: Felt terrible after 1st rd, but it was a better time than last time so I couldn't have felt too bad. Keep making progress , thats the name of the game.

Friday, November 5, 2010

5/11 Frid - More deadlifts

Backyard session while the kids watched Ben10

10 rds
10 x Deadlift @60kg
10 x Pushups

Moderate intensity

Notes Scaled reps from 15 to 10 as this is my 4th day on and I am exhausted. Deadlifts felt good, a couple of days off then back into it. Training going great at the moment. Working hard and really enjoying it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

4/11 Thurs - 8pm Class

1km row

Tried 2 x Muscleup/HSPU. Got inverted ok, but damn that HSPU is deep and hard. Not quite there yet.

HSPU & pullups

Time 13.50


3 rds
8 x renegade row, twist, press things (each arm)
20 x straight leg raises

Notes: Sore from kb's last night, really sore actually especially in the lats and shoulders. Happy with my performance tonight, but would have been quicker fresh thats for sure. Row was a struggle as usual.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3/11 Wed - Backyard workout

24kg KB

Around 15 mins

Notes: needless to say my Kb swings need the practice

2/11 Tues - Backyard session

5 rds
10 x Squat Cleans @40kg
15 x Pullups
20 x Situps (abmat)

Medium intensity

Notes: Cleans continue to feel good. Just checked and it was only 2 1/2 months ago that I hurt my back doing 30kg squat cleans and absolutely hated them. They are now becoming a movement I really! 5 x 60kg squat cleans was going to be my biggest hurdle for group1, it seemed insurmountable for so long, now I can see it in the not to distant future. Going to test out 5 x 50kg squat cleans in the next week for the 1st time, should be very doable.