Tuesday, June 29, 2010

28/6 Mond - 8pm class

15 x OHS (2rds)
10 x Knee raises (1rd)
* running late

5 rds
Max Pullups in 2 mins
Max Pushups in 2 mins
1 min rest btwn exercise , 2 mins rest btwn rds

Pullups 49,35,24,17,22 total 147
Pushups 51,32,29,27,28 total 167


6 x 250m with 1 min rest btwn efforts

Notes: Workout was fun, even though didn't do as well as I thought I would in the later rounds. Equal pb on pullups in 1st round - 35. Lost grip strength in my right hand in the last two rounds and just couldn't hold on to the bar. Upper body killer. Rowing staring to feel better

Friday, June 25, 2010

25/6 Frid -27/6 Sund - Rest days

Once again no workouts at home, life just to busy with family and work.

24/6 Thurs - 8pm Class

3 rds (might have done 4)
15 x OHS Broomstick
15 x GHD situps

2km Row


3 rds
10 x Snatches (training bar)
20 x Pushups
30 x Box jumps


Notes: Oh my god, 1st time rowing 2kms and it destroyed me. Gave it everything to keep under 8 mins and did it by the smallest of margins thank god. 1st time doing snatches at Schwartz. Felt fine with training bar, look forward to using some weight next time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

23/6 Wed - Backyard Session

3 rounds
15 x squats
20 x Abmat Situps

AMRAP 15 mins
5 x OHS @30kg
15 x Double Unders

Rds: 13 straight

10 min break

AMRAP 15 mins
5 x Thruster @30kg
10 x Burpee

Rds: 7 +5 Thruster + 6 Burpees

Notes: Really pleased that I got this done. Its not easy getting out there on my own at the moment. Worked hard in WOD1 , OHS were good, double unders were consistent but need to get faster, not many failed reps though. Didnt have much left in the tank for WOD2 and battled through it. Nothing special about the numbers but pleased with my efforts.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

22/6 Tues - Rest Day

Once again, missed out on a workout. Kids are sick again, I'm also feeling like crap. not sick per se just seem to be getting really sore and feeling exhausted all the time. Not sure why, nutrition has been pretty good, very bad sleep wouldn't be helping. Frustrating.

Will try and get this workout in tonight (Wednesday) as my thrusters/squats really need the work

Proposed back yard workout

15 mins max rounds
5 x OHS @30kg
15 x Double unders

10 min break

15 min max rounds
5 x Thrusters @30kg
10 x Burpees

2nd Month Down

2 months to the day since I started at Schwartz.

Still loving Schwartz even though month 2 hasn't gone as well as month one. Alot more rest days than I would have liked due to various reasons and I was probably always going to plateau a little bit after the initial improvements for such a high workload.

In the past this is where I take a break, give up, get frustrated etc because things aren't going exactly the way I want them to.

I am determined to be different this time. I have maintained the Mond/Thurs class without missing one. That has to continue. I have to remind myself everyday, if need be, that my leg/hip strength is not going to improve quickly.

Need to start fighting a bit harder in workouts as well. Its just a mental thing that I need to improve.

Month 3 here we come!

* I am pleased that I have logged every day since starting. It's hard posting multiple rest days, but it keeps me honest and accountable.

21/6 Mond - 8pm Class

4 rounds
10 x Pushups (15 1st rd)
15 x Squats

3 rounds
1 x Run
20 x Wall Ball @20lb
20 x Pullups
15 x SDHP @30kg
20 x Ring Dips

Time 44 mins something

Notes: Just never felt great during this workout. SDHP still need alot of work, so Benji told me to keep every rep, slow and as technically correct as possible. Ring dips felt terrible for some reason.

20/6 Sund - Rest day

19/6 Sat Rest Day

Friday, June 18, 2010

18/6 Frid - Backyard session

3 rds
10 x HSPU
20 x abmat situps

3 rounds
600m Run
20 x Deadlift @50kg
20 x Thrusters @30kg

Time : Just over 25 mins

Notes: I suck at thrusters big time. Work0ut went in slow motion, cold, raining and at the end of a long day at work.Not much intensity, very hard to motivate myself even to do the workout let along attack it.

17/6 Thurs 8pm Class

1km Row

5 rds of Cindy
30 x Back Ext
5 rds of Cindy
30 x Back Ext

Time 15.17

OHS practice (all reps slow, strict with pause at the bottom)
15 x Broomstick
15 x 20kg
15 x 20kg
15 x 20kg

Notes: Enjoyed this session, OHS practice was great, felt way better on the last 2 sets and really feel like I am improving with this movement. Mini metcon was harder than it looked (as usual) the back ext fried my hammies and glutes. Legs aren't getting any weaker thats for sure.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

16/5 - Wed - Rest Day

Proposed workout didn't happen. Struggling to get workouts in at home over the last couple of weeks. At least i am still making it into Schwartz though.

Proposed workout

3 rounds
1km Row (will probably sub a run for this)
20 x Deadlift @50kg
20 x Thrusters @30kg

Not sure if I will do this tonight , I have woken up with the beginnings of flu/cold and will see how I feel at the end of the day. Finger still blue and sore but getting better.

15/6 Tues - Active recovery

Run - 2-2.5km slow pace
Stretching- only a few minutes but thats a few minutes more than normal

Glutes & Hammies smoked from the Back Ext/Wall ball/Burpee combo in Filthy fifty.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

14/6 - Mond Filthy Fifty

Filthy Fifty

50 x Box jumps 24in
50 x Pullups
50 x KB Swings @16kg
50 x Walking Lunges
50 x K2E
50 x Push Press @20kg
50 x Back Ext
50 x Wall Ball @20lb
50 x Burpees
50 x double Unders

Time 42.40

Notes: 1st time filthy fifty rx'd (and with proper form) . Pretty happy with how I went. K2E slowed me down as did burpees after the wall balls. 20lb ball feeling a little more comfortable although I briefly dislocated my little finger with 4 wall balls to go. It popped back in straight away but is very bruised and swollen today.

11/6-13/6 Frid - Sund Rest Days

Alot of forced rest days due to sick kids...

Friday, June 11, 2010

10/6 Thurs - 8pm Class

3 Rds
15 x Squat
15 x Pushups

Squat clean practice

3 rounds
9 x Squat Cleans @35kg
15 x Box Jumps @24in
21 x Wall ball @20lb
400m Row
1 x Rope Climb

Time : 28min + change

50 x Abmat situps (slow,strict)

Notes: Good intro to squat cleans, 1st time doing 20lb Wall ball and they are alot harder than 12lb!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

9/6 Wed - Rest

My 8 month old boy Harvey still sick, so no exercise

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

8/6 Tues - Rest Day

Family life meant no chance of exercise , really hopeful I can give 'The Seven' a crack wed night and then class Thurday

7/6 Mond - 8pm Class

Lots of tiger balm on the shoulder, voltaran rapid

4 Rds
12 x OHS (1 x broomstick, 3 x 20kg bar)
15 x Abmat Situps

5 Rds
500m row
20 x Pullups
15 x HSPU

Time 32 mins + change

(Almost forgot)
3 rounds
20 x Double unders
10 x GHD

Notes: Training going really well, so time to get serious clean up problem areas. Rowing needs work, it f*cking ruins me. So at least a 500m-1km row for a warmup every time I have a class at Schwartz. 2nd round of 15 HSPU unbroken...not bad. its amazing what you can do when you have Benji staring at you ;)

Shoulder Notes: Jesus, threw caution to the wind with my shoulder...and it worked. Massage and acupuncture earlier today , was going to skip HSPU, but was actually normal pushups that hurt. Deccided to go for it and have woken up with my shoulder feeling good. Yipppeee!!

6/6 Sund - Run


Time 16.47

5/6 Sat - Rest day

4/6 Frid - Rest day

A few days off to rest the shoulder

Friday, June 4, 2010

3/6 Thurs - 8pm Class

8pm class at Schwartz

Abmat situps and OHS

5 rounds
9 x Sumo Deadlifts@50kg
15 x OHS @30kg
21 x Pullups

Time 23.30

Notes: Shoulder still sore but I am holding out hope that its not serious. I am going to try and take a few days off and really rest it

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2/6 Wed - Uh Oh ...left shoulder again

20 x Double unders
10 x Pullups

5 rds
15 x SDHP @30kg
20 x KB Swings @16kg
20 x Abmat Situps
20 x DB thrusters @10kg

Time: 28.45

Notes: Hated this workout, I'm not good at any of the movements. Worse news is my left shoulder which I have had a bad history of problems with is sore from the DB thrusters. I'm convinced that I have a stability issue with the shoulder, my strength is fine and I was using light Db's. I am still hoping its nothing serious, although thats what I said last time and I was sidelined for almost 6 months

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

1/6 Tues Rest day

3 days on means my body needs a beak

31/5 Mond

5 Rds
10 x HSPU
15 x Squat (forgot to do rd 5 of squats)

3 rounds
400m run
30 x Wall Ball (12lb)
30 x Burpees
8 x Muscleups

Time 33.30

20 x straight leg raises
10 x GHD
3 x squat cleans @40kg (Benji checking form)

Notes: Wall ball should have been 20lb but this is the 3rd day in a row of wall ball and didnt want to make the switch to the heavier ball on day 3. Definitely next time though. Happy with the workout. Muscleups felt great.