Friday, April 30, 2010

29/4 Thurs - AMRAP

Schwartz 8pm class


Deadlifts (10 squats in btwn)
8 x 30kg
8 x 40kg
8 x 50kg
8 x 60kg

AMRAP in 4 mins x 4 (1 min break btwn rounds)
3 x Deadlifts @ 60kg
6 x Burpees
9 x Double unders

Only full rounds count

Post - Technique
Kettlebell swings, kettlebell Snatch

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

28/4 Wed - Rest Day

Can hardly move.

27/4 Tues - HSPU, Chins & Cleans

Backyard Session


5 Rounds
12 x HSPU
12 x Pullups
12 x Power Cleans @30kg

Time : 21:57

Notes: Ridiculously sore and tired from yesterday. Please I got it done.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

26/4 Mond - GHD's

8pm Class at Schwartz

4 Rounds
15 x Pullups
25 x Squats

2 rounds (rx'd 3)
Run (770m)
50 x Box Jumps
50 x Weighted Pushups (10kg plate)
50 x GHD Situps *

*1st time with attempting GHD situps

Time: Not sure over 45 mins

Notes: That was hard, GHD destroyed me, really destroyed me. I'm good at Pushups but have never done weighted pushups, they were harder than i was expecting. Ben put me out of my misery after round 2.

25/4 Sund Rest Day

24/4 Sat Rest Day

Friday, April 23, 2010

23/4 Frid Sdhp/Ohs/pullups

Backyard Session

2 rounds
10 x Squats
10 x Situps (straight legged)
5 x Pullups

3 rounds
21 x SDHP @30kg
25 x OHS @ 20kg
15 x Pullups


Notes: Body pretty beat up from the last two days. Hammies have taken a pounding. A couple of days off and then back to Monday night class

22/4 Thurs 'DT'

8.00pm class at Schwartz

4 rounds
12 x squats
12 x Abmat situps

Technique Work (10-15mins)
Hang power Clean
Push Jerk

5 rounds
12 x Deadlifts @40kg
9 x HPC @30kg
6 x Push Jerks @30kg

Time 12.46 ( I think)

3 x Run (exactly 2 mins rest)

Notes: Good Class , wrecked after the runs

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

22/4 Wed Rest Day

Have woken up pretty sore, but will just try and stretch as much as possible today. Hopefully I will be ok for tomorrow nights class at Schwartz. I'm still not used to not knowing the workouts in advance and it makes me nervous.

21/4 Tues Deadlifts

Backyard Session

2 rounds
10 x squats
10 x Hamstring stretches
10 x Pushups

6 @40kg
6 @50kg
6 @60kg
6 @70kg

HSPU in btwn 10,10,7


3 Rounds (rx'd 5)
8 x squats (rx'd 6 one legged squats)
21 x KB swings @16kg
8 x Towel Pullups


Notes: Felt really sore going into this after last nights technique session so fairly conservative. Really watched deadlift form up and down, next time I'll try heavier. Could have toughed out 5 rounds on the metcon but doubt I would have made Thursday's class at Schwartz due to soreness, still worried about how sore I will be.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Technique Session 3 of 3

1 km Row

3 rounds
15 x Squats
15 x Straight leg Situps

Technique work
Back Squat
Front Squat
Over head squat

Technique work
Squat clean
Squat Snatch

Scattered through out the session
10 x Bar Dips
10 x Ring Dips
5 x HSPU
4 x Muscleups

Technique Session 2 of 3

2nd of 3 Technique sessions at Schwartz with Chris


Technique progression
Push Press

Mini WOD
3 rds
Run (700m)
10 x thruster @30kg
15 x Pullups

Not sure what time, but everything unbroken

Technique work
Push Jerk
Split Jerk

Notes: Report card on all pressing, pretty good as i expected. My thrusters are ok, just need to get stronger with good technique, which probably means using lighter weights ironically.

Technique Session 1 of 3

With Chris @ Schwartz

1km row

3 rounds
15 x Squats
15 x Pushups
15 x Situps

* Squats needed some slight adjustments

Technique Progression
Power Clean