Monday, May 30, 2011


I'm trying to take a more balanced approach to exercise. Taking into account time limitations, physical ability and also enjoyment.

I like bodyweight/gymnastics stuff, so that is going to be a big part. I really like cleans (never thought i would say that a year ago) , OHS, front squats...don't mind thrusters.

I hate back squats and deadlifts. Sure they are two very important exercises that anyone would tell you should be in any serious strength program. The bottom line is , I am a weekend warrior that wants to stay fit and strong, really to keep up with my kids. I will get the deadlift advantages somewhat with cleans and the back squats advantages with Front squats and OHS. I then get to actually enjoy what I am doing.

I have this theory that sounds right for me. I want to be able to move my bodyweight very easily in all directions (gymnastics) . I can already do this and love the feeling that I can control my body well. The other thing I want to be able to do is lift the equivalent of my bodyweight (67kg) on a bar comfortably in a number of different directions. Clean, jerk, OHS etc. If both of these things are present I think i will have a good balance.

Goals - Lets list them

Free standing HSPU
1 min Lsit

5 x BW clean - Shouldn't be too far off, can easily do 1
5 x BW Jerk - Not sure about this haven't done heavy jerks in ages
5 x BW OHS - did 2 yesterday, 5 should be in the near future

So the weights goals are really short to medium term and the gymnastics stuff is just fun, challenging stuff. Once I reach these it will be more about maintainence than continuous improvement.

We'll see how I go.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

8 @20kg
8 @40kg
8 @50kg
1 @60kg (f)
3 @60kg
2 @67.5kg *BW

Muscleups in btwn sets total -20

Friday, May 27, 2011

5 x 8@30kg

5 x 5@40kg

Box Squat
Full clean

3 x 3@60kg
2 x 5@60kg

1 @67.5kg (BW)

Was going to do 5 x 3 but felt really good, so did 2 sets of 5 to end. Felt great!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

100 pullups
100 Pushups
100 abmats
100 squats


Sunday, May 22, 2011

50 @40kg

*22 reps straight pb

Friday, May 20, 2011

Power cleans @50kg
Ring Dips

Front squat
2 x 8@20kg
3 x 8@40kg
3 x 8@50kg

8 x 5 (in btwn sets)

Weighted Strict Pullups
5 x 5 @8kg (weighted vest)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My latest creation from the Primal Blueprint, yum!

Feeling great , really enjoying exercise at the moment

Monday, May 16, 2011

3 rds
50 x squats
10 x Hang Power Clean @50kg
7 x Muscleup


7 rds
7 x Thruster@40kg
7 x C2B

3 rds
1 x Pclean & 5 Jerks @40kg


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Power cleans

5 @30kg
5 @40kg
3 @50kg
3 @60kg
1 @65kg
1 @70kg (f)
5 x 1@70kg
3 @60kg

5 x MU

Notes: Good to know I can get 70kg up although they were pretty ugly and still need a bit of work

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vegetable curry for dinner, left overs for lunch , no rice for me!

Hopefully might do some exercise tonight

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This is now my staple breakfast. Its the third lot i have made and went crazy this time and added carrot with the zuchini, thats the way I roll ;)

Its rare that I have an hour just to muck around in my backyard gym, normally its in and out pretty quickly with 3 young kids, so yesterday i just did a bunch of stuff i enjoy

Power Cleans
3 x 3@60kg (failed last rep in last set)

3 @50kg
3 @60kg
3 @65kg

Weighted Pullup
2 @20kg
1 @25kg
1 @30kg
1 @33.75kg (50% BW) - fail , so close

1st time in ages doing 60kg cleans, they actually felt good.

Mark Sisson calls these "Nutty protein balls' In reality they are simply balls of fat and delicious!


5 x Power cleans @50kg
10 x pullups


Left overs, pesto coleslaw , chicken and sausage...Yum!

3 rds
15 x OHS @30kg
15 x Push press @30kg
15 x Thruster @30kg


Thursday, May 5, 2011

** Looks the same as yesterday, thats because it pretty much is! Creature of habit

Zucchini Slice

1 x strong coffee (instant)

Big ass salad

1 x strong latte

1 x apple

Schnitzel, aspargus, broccoli, carrot
* yeah I know its crumbed and fried...but yum!

1 x glass of red

No exercise :(

Work is absolutely smashing me at the moment, ALOT going on which is good, but leaving me little energy to exercise

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Healthy Start

I have decided to turn this into more of a health diary than an exercise blog, maybe because I am not exercising regularly enough! I'm actually cool with that, my life is jam packed at the moment and exercise often takes third place behind family & work....sometimes takes 4th place behind enjoying myself!

I am back on a health kick at the moment and am enjoying it so I am going to start logging what I eat. I am basing myself off the Primal Blueprint. Paleo base, a bit of dairy here and there, alcohol stays in, not that I drink that much anyway.

Zucchini Slice - 2nd time I have made this, used Italian sausage meat this time and it's nice but too rich, will go back to good ol' beef mince next time. Loving this for brekky!

1 x strong latte

'Big Ass Salad' - Chicken, cap, mush, cuc, pine nuts, mixed lett, carr, Fetta and olive oil - Yum!

1 x strong latte


Diamond seminar
2 x Light beers
3 x Waygu on little bread things, not ideal but best on offer

Home made rissoles

Planned exercise
I love Schwartz programming, it kicks arse! Workouts at home will roughly be adapted from Schwartz WOD's.

Next WOD up is
5 rds @30kg (rx'd 40kg)
15 x OHS
15 x Push Press
15 x Thruster
500m run (rx'd row)

Cant get it done tonight as I am at a diamond seminar, but hopefully tomorrow night. I love OHS, Push press so so and i hate thrusters, so there is a bit of everything