Friday, January 30, 2015

garage session

row 500m


want to row 1km as the default but my right forearm is sore , so once again just stretching after

garage session

row 1km


very sore, so nothing else

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Session 91

better session than the previous month or two

3 rds
Hollow slide out pushups  x 15
Lsit t2b x 8 - frickin hard
Weighted hell raises (3kg each leg?)

handstands 4 attempts each
ground - not sure about 30 secs i think
pbars - 1.15 i think

getting better

3 or 4 rounds - bunch of attempts at each

straddle press to handstand off floor onto wedge - went well, improving
reverse roll to kip - with band - got one! needs work though

good class

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Garage session and some resolutions

Main resolution is consistency. Absolutely necessary for my handstands and for my flexibility.

I also really want to achieve a straddle planche this year which is probably the pinnacle of my goals. I actually wont be fussed if i don't on the proviso that i have put in the work. my feeling is if i give it a decent crack i can do it.

I want to aim at doing stretching and handstand practice every day with some basic strength and endurance. mornings are the obvious answer , with having a two yr old that gets up around 6.30 i think the alarm needs to go off at 5.30. 1km row, stretching for around 1/2 an hour-40 mins then mix up some strength - pullups/pushups/dips/HSPU etc

To have any chance of that working drinking most nights out of habit needs to stop. Not absolutely no drinking but drinking mid week only if there is a decent reason.

also need to be a bit more thoughtful in my training. Concentration on tightness and control. I've become lazy in some aspects , especially handstands

Here is where my planche is up to to log my progress - a long way to go

1st workout with my 'new' attitude

1km row
4 handtsand attempts

6 rounds
5 top half press (head on floor) straddle/pike alternating
5 t2b

3 rds
3 x HSPU on small pbars

3 rds
10 hollow pushups
30 sec hanging

Don't know why it inserted this video but i can't work out how to delete. Its funny though, thats my handstand before training with a gymnast

session 90

not sure why I didn't log this as it is the first tie ever

Cant remember much of what I did  but maybe because it was another average class.

have made some end of January resolutions to get me out of the rut

Friday, January 16, 2015

Garage practice

row 1km


handstand practice - focus on being tight, kicking up, controlled.

57 sec
52 sec

really happy with this, best handstands I have done in a while, need to get consistency

hanging from bar -60sec - harder than i thought this would be

Planche practice on pbars - trying to extend knees/legs from tuck

Monday, January 12, 2015

session 89

3 rds
10 x hollow body lifts
10 x leg ext with 10kg pate on back of legs (reverse hyper)

3 rds
7kg van gelders (feet on bench) 11,8,7
3 x pullovers into front lever with 5 bounces

3 attempts and floor handstand
3 attempts in pbar handtsand

*still shithouse, pulled off a decent handtsand on 4th attempt on each which doesn't count but just have to pull my head out of my arse and start tightening up on the entry. FFS

3 rds
top half pike press x 6

5 hspu/5 planche leans
got to get onto my fingers more, have to.

handtsand pivot training, was wrecked, so no good

Saturday, January 10, 2015

garage practice

just struggling to exercise at the moment, so it was good to finally get in a session


Handstand practice on hands
handstand practice on pbars

3 rds
straddle leg raises with ankle weights x 10 with hold
5 x wall facing HSPU

3 or 4 rds
hanging leg raises on stall bars
ring support with hands turned out

more stretching

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

SEssion 88

3 rds
rope climb in L, up and down from seated position, one rope in each hand, with 5 lever swings at bottom
10 x pushups on swiss ball

rope climbs destroyed me but pretty impressed i got through all 3rds

handstand on floor
3 best attempts totaled about 7 sec . seriously. FFS
handstand on pbars
3 best attempts - not much better

* just gotta get back to consistent entries in handstands, more discpline and control

ring sequence a few attempts
muscleup to L to reverse roll invert to back lever
* first time failing muscleups for years, due to rope climbs

handstand pivot practice

upper body smashed.again.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Session 87

went in feeling mentally fresh but a week of drinking and eating crap was probably never going to help

cant remember much of what i did

1 min floor handstand
1 min pbar handstand
1 min ring handstand

worse handstands i have done all year - pretty annoying

back lever to front lever x 3

compression lifts on rings x 8

planche work on pbars