Saturday, November 29, 2014

garage practice

Hammies, hips and abs smoked from last session. decided to finish off my upper body as well with this. Haven't done much volume over the last year so its good to get back into it but soreness will come

Strict overhand pullups
Strict bar dips

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Session 82

Good class today , getting my mojo back

3 rds
hollow lifts x 8
straddle leg lifts x 12 with 10sec hold
stretch each rnd

5mins max handstand
2.15! finally broke 2 minute mark which is pleasing, around 40seconds better than my previous best

3 rds
straddle press to handstand - continued to improve, came off plates but still pretty hard against wedge. - this is finally looking achievable after months of frustration

bent press to handstand - average, need to start practicing this

Ring sequence x 2 - 1st one great, 2nd one a mess

musclup-Lsit-rollover-basket-back lever- front lever- skin the cat-lower to l

Saturday, November 22, 2014

garage practice

handstand practice

HSPu on pbars against wall
vangelders with 7kg dbell 3 x 5

support hold pulling scapular back and down 30 sec x 3


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Session 81

3 rds

hollow slide out 30 sec
straddle lifts x 10 with 10sec hold on reverse hyper - ouch
compression lifts on dip bars
pullovers to front lever x 5

3 rds
straddle press to handstand off plates - finally an improvement- very happy
straddle sit on small pbars 3 or 4 max efforts
peach lifts x 10

hard session but pleased my hard work on straddle lifts and flexibility is starting to pay off

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

garage practice

a couple of sessions and i'm bloody sore. Not sure if its how old i am or not trainign regularly enough but i seem to get ridiculously sore often

Started GMB focused flexibility, hopefully i can have some breakthroughs

3 rds
straddle heel raises x 10 with 10 sec hold
HSPU off wall x 5

dip bar support hold - shoulders back and down
30 sec x 3

tuck planche

backward roll to support - cant do it but hopefully with some more practice will get this nailed Its a cool trick

3 x 10 pushups
3 x 5 t2B

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Session 80

came in with a sore right rotator cuff and bicep tendong. physio said to rest but that was never going to happen

Good class actually

ab sequence
vsnap then straddle snap hollow rollover x 8
*got ridiculously painful by the end

straddle raises x 9 hold for 10sec - getter stronger

3 rds
pbar planche pushouts on ball x 8?
maltese lowers on blocks x 8
30 sec hold on dip bars, shoulders back

5 mins max handstand

actually pleased with this is my shoulders were completely smoked going into it

backward roll to support