Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Session 67

Sore again going in from footy training

4 rds
Pull overs x 4 into front lever - very close to holding front lever.

planche leans on dumbells

pbar squence
lsit - planche - planche lean - HSPu - felt weak

pbar - lsit to headstand - first time doing this, should be able to nail this with practice

press pratice against wall with 10 kilo plate x 8 - hard!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

session 66

got fatigued quicker than usual today, lot going on with moving house , kids on holi's etc so probably not suprising.

ball compression lifts
as usual I was garbage

ab sequence
3 knee raises
3 straddle raises
3 t2b
3 windscreen wipers

3 rds
2 L pullups, 2 L pullovers into front lever

Van gelders x 5 with 8kg kb

tuck planche on rings x 3 (not great)

10 x planche leans

destroyed by the end

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Session 65

back to 7am , hard to get going with the cold weather

partner stretching - awful
compression lifts off box - as usual i was shit at these, god press to handstand is frustrating
pike press x 4

3 rds
ring rollovers x 3 - got 3 in a row which is good, felt better than last time

bar pullovers into front lever x 4 - pretty good, front lever is getting slower

ring handstand holds  x 30sec
tuck planche from L x 3
did pretty well at both

good class