Saturday, June 28, 2014

session 64

stretching as usual, painful as usual
Compression lifts off ball -so so
Top half press off dumbells

3 rds
press sequence off pbars
lsit to planche, 2 x handstand, 2 x planche leans, 2 x HSPU

rope climbs in L, one rope each hand, 3 pullups at top, 3 x leans at bottom

3 rds
back lever x 3
van gelders x 5 (7kg)

came in pretty wrecked and definitely walked out wrecked

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Session 63

3 rds
Standard partner stretching. Painful as usual
compression lift to handstand off ball - 5 singles

3 rds
press sequence
2 x straddle/2 x pike/2 x planche/2 x HSPU

Handstand walk around mat - actually improved a bit on sideways and backwards walking, still pretty bad at it though

planche in band off pbars with 5 x pushups
lever leans

not as physically taxing is usual which was good as I'm not feeling that great

Thursday, June 12, 2014

session 62

ok class, stuff that I have been struggling with I made progress, stuff that I am normally really good at I was pretty crappy.

Usual partner stretching trying to keep my back straight
straddle, left,right, middle
compression lifts on pbars and ball

3 rds
ab sequence
1 x straddle lift/3 knee tucks/3 t2b/3 windscreen wipers

some single reps of ball compression lift to handstand also pbar lsit to handstand

ring stuff
rollovers, not my best effort
lsit to handstand, also not great

Thursday, June 5, 2014

session 61

this was the same day as flying back in from USA so needless to say i was tired and jetlagged, good to get it done nonetheless

band stretching and ball compression lifts

compression lift to handstand practice

3 rds
rope climbs - one rope in each hand , up and down in L 3 x straight arm swings at bottom
5 x FS HSPU with balance assistance

3 rds
Pole straight body lifts x 8
Superman pulls x 10 with 10 sec hold

with handstand pivot practice

Session 60

Flew to the USA the morning after this session so can really remember what i did but do remember that I did ring HSPU for the first time which is awesome!

I also did bar pullovers in L

cant remember much else