Thursday, April 24, 2014

session 55

another great session! starting to feel strong and well conditioned

Ring handstand practice - hard to kick up!
lsit to press on pbars into 3 HSPU
6 x lsit pullups

rings - arms forward, angled side and back
lsit to straddle sit on pbars
giants with 5 kg dumbells

backward roll to handstand - started off pretty bad but got very close to nailing it by the end

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Garage Practice

3 rds
Parrallete HSPU x 3 - felt weak
5 x Pullups
ab sequence

Handstand on Pbar
1 minute HS! 1st time to ever make 1 minute in a handstand

practice bent arm handstand

3 rds
compression lifts x 5
pullups x 5

Thursday, April 17, 2014

SEssion 54

Better session than last week. Worked very hard and did well. Crazy sore today

ab sequence
3 knee tucks/3 strict t2B/3 windscreen wipers
*first time doing windscreen wipers and they were bloody hard!
12 x heel raises/10 sec straddle hold
8 plank raise things against pole

this whole thing destroyed me

press sequence
1 x straddle, 1 x pike/2 planche leans/2 HSPU

max handstand hold on large pbars
got up to handstand pretty well

3 rds
ring sequence
mup->lsit->rollover->support->into handstand

van gelders with 7kg
Focused on going lower with dbells

ring sequence went well, consolidated rollovers well, and my handstand is getting better

tried front lever pulls on the bar for the first time -pretty tired, so couldn't do them that well

Did I mention I am sore today!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Garage practice

ring practice

First time I have managed to do this. Looks so easy now that i have done it. Wasn't very easy when I couldn't do it!

Garage Practice


HSPU on small parrallettes

3 x 5 (3 consecutive pb at this depth)

straddle l pullups in between

planche leans
PBar pushups
planche with knees on elbows
bent arm tuck practice
*practicing elbows facing forward

Friday, April 11, 2014

Garage practice

5 rds
3 x HSPU on parralletes (small to ground)
7 x Lsit pullps

HSPU getting stronger, most I have done at this depth so far.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Session 53

Pretty crap class. Not sure why but felt weak and unco. Got into towards the end but wasn't my best performance

press to handstand on ball
l sit to planche with band

l sit to headstand to HSPU on rings * first time doing this and got better with a few attempts. Going to really push hard to get strong enough to do a full depth hSPU and I will nail this , which would be a cool trick

dumbell fly things standing 7 kg

I think thats it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

garage practice

Martin has returned so regular class should start again this week

3 rds
ab sequence
10 x staright leg situps
10 x hollow rocks
10 x v snaps
10 x tuck v snaps

10 x heel raises/10 sec straddle hold

Handwalking pivot practice. My aim is to be able to turn around on my hands in two movements. I am a long way off that but for the first time have been able to turn around on my hands

also soooo close to a parrallette hspu. Not full depth but thats ok, will worry about that we I can actually do one

this was my best attempt, not far off now

Thursday, April 3, 2014

garage practice

handstand walking up on plates *pb

3 rds
10 straight leg situps
10 hollow rocks
10 jack knifes
10 tuck jack knifes

10 heel raises/10sec straddle

ball to press *tweaked a nerve in my back and literally collapsed with my legs tingling. not good, called it a day