Thursday, February 27, 2014

Session 51

unbelievably sore from last week in the abs. Literally was still sore 5- 6 days later.

another killer session today - do feel like i'm getting stronger . Progress is certainly measured in small gains at the moment.

candle hip raise things
straddle lifts on Reverse hyper

press seq
3 straddle/3pink/3 planche leans/3 hspu

ring sequence
muscleup->lsit->headstand->basket->back lever (assisted)

5 x lsit to tuck planche
ring front lever lowering in between

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Session 50

good class, getting my mojo back

holding onto pole
Hollow lifts
heel raises

handstand walking up plates

parrallete HSPU - feeling much better

Handstand pivots - still pretty crap

pullovers coming down in front lever

van gelders on swiss ball - hard

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


been pretty solid with HSPU most days.

Also have done a couple of session with the Bands pulling my hips out then stretching then some exercise for muscle memory. Definitely seems to be helping. here is before and after using the bands on the hips. Will be interesting to see if this continues to improve



Friday, February 14, 2014

Mobility with Muzz

Went and had a mobility session with Muzz and it looks like he has helped the problem alot. Strong bands to pull out my hips before stretching is the way to go. Feel better already. Just got to do it regularly now

Also am trying to do 25 HSPU (wall) each day until I get back to some decent strength

25 knocked off today

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Session 49

3 rds
feet on swiss ball, hands on ground 1 pushup, chest slap each hand (x5)

Feet on box, hands on swiss ball x 5

these were both a killer on my core

HSPU practice on parrellets

press practice off swiss ball (terrible)

compression hip lifts off swiss ball
planche rock forwards, hands on dumbell, feet on swiss ball

I can do the elements of press to handstand but just cannot fucking put them together in reality. Annoying. Feel so unco at it

worked hard ,  going to be frickin sore tomorrow

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Practice at home

I have realised recently that I am no longer as good or as strong at some fairly basics things as what I thought I should be or certainly not as good as I used to be. Reason? Well simply put, I don't do them anymore!

I practice high skill stuff all the time like handstands, FS HSPu etc but hardly ever do any volume work of Pushups, HSPU, dips , Lsits etc.

Surprise surprise I'm not that good at them anymore.

So 'its time I got back into it

3 rds
10 x pushups
10 x hanging straight leg raises
5 x HSPU (wall)
10 x straddle leg lifts

will try and get some consistency at these from now on

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Practice at Schwartz

Went into Schwartz for some extra training and I'm glad I did

handstand holds - my longest handstand on floor is about 30 seconds and longest on parrallettes is around 40 which I have done a few times and as recently as a couple of days ago.

I hit a handstand for comfortably longer than I have ever done before. Without a video or a timer there is no way I will claim a minute or longer because time goes much slower than it feels in handstands but conservatively it must have been 50 seconds

ring practice

L muscleup to L sit to headstand to straddle back lever

nailed a straddle back lever!!! so happy , first time without Martins help

What's better is some dude was roaming around taking photos and took and amazing photo of me in full back lever, will have to get a copy

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Session 48

another good session although i have got to do more practice outside of class

rope climbs in L sit (one rope in each hand) get to top x 2 pullups, come back down and 2 x invert swings (bloody hard)

skill. Parrallete FS HSPU - I am CLOSE to nailing this which i will be wrapped about, just got to get a little stronger, i reckon there is weeks in it

press sequence - still having f*cking problems with these. Shouldn't be so frustrated 3 classes in to the new year but i just cant seem to get the hang of straddle press to HS. gotta keep working on flexibilty and mobility

Ring squence - not great but ok considering of the break
l sit to headstand to basket to back lever

prawn ? crawl back and front x 3 - killer on the abs