Thursday, October 30, 2014

garage practice

Power clean and jerk
2 x 3@40kg
2 x 1@50kg
1 @55kg
1 @60kg

right elbow felt a bit sore so didn't do any more jerks

Power cleans
2 @60kg
4 @60kg
4 @60kg

pretty happy with that considering its been 18months since lfiting that weight

Session 79

3 rds
ab sequence
10 x Vsnap with hollow rollovers in between
25 sec hollow slide out

5 mins max handstand
1.44 not bad , pretty consistent

15 mins practice
lsit to handstand - havent done this since i nailed it on video which was a long time ago, needless to say i could do it , some more pratice needed

3 rds
straddle press off plates - my nemesis - improved but still a struggle
planche leans off wall - hard

difficult class that didnt kill me physically which is good

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Garage Practice x 2

two good sessions over the weekend

solid stretching

non negotiables
5 mins max handstand - getting better definitely. Gaining some endurance and starting to switch on keeping by butt tight

straddle raises x 10 with 10sec hold. Doing these lying flat on floor really helps.
HSPU - wall facing x 5 - Weight on fingers, squeeze butt

did some other things
handstand on pbars
Compression lifts
Ring rollovers and muscleups

stretching is killing me

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

session 78

jesus christ this was a taxing session. digging and wheelbarrowing on the weekend probably didnt help

ab sequence
2 rds

6 vsnaps
12 hollow rocks
hold 20 seconds

6 supermans
12 straddle raises
hold 20secds

left side 6
12 rocks
hold 20secs

right side 6
12 rocks
hold 20 secs

max handstand on 5 mins
started off well, more consistent and some good saves both piking and planche leans, should have got 2 mins but fell away towards the end, probably my bets effort too date

10 x HSPU

2 pike press
3 x straddle press

10 x planche leans

just destroyed by the end of 3 rds

ring sequence invert to back lever to front lever x 3 -
went well but also hugely taxing

lsit to straddle sit
not bad but needs practice

one of the hardest classes i have done

Friday, October 17, 2014

Garage Practice

Row 500m

3 rds
Heel raises x 10 with 10 sec straddle hold
Compression lifts x 10

5mins handstand
better than last time

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Session 77

3 rds
10 x candle sticks up to standing
10 x table bridge
20 sec hollow slide out

5 mins max handstand
1.10 terrible

10 x hspu
10 x straddle heel raises with 10 sec hold
10 x planche leans

Ring sequence - a bunch of attempts
muscleup-lsit-headstand-basket-backlever with heel raise- front lever

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Session 76

life getting in the way of training, cannot seem to find the time to practice and its frustrating, gotta hang tight.

crazy hard session , lots of static holds, max efforts and strength work

2 rds
ab sequence
10 x hollow rocks
10 x v snaps
10 sec hollow hold
10 x superman rocks
10 x superman bounces
10 sec hold
10 x right side rocks
10 x right side bounces
10 sec hold
same left side

max handstand hold in 5 mins
1.38 , improvement on last time but still not great

15 x planche leans in handstand (small lean then recorrect)

4 exercise sequence
reverse hip ext with 10kg plate x 8
lsit -tuck planche x 3
hollow body raises x 8
pbar seq lsit to bent arm handstand

wrecked, going to be so sore

Friday, October 3, 2014

Session 75

had to accumulate 2 ins of handstand in 5 mins

got to 1.18 , pretty disappointed but you get that with inconsistent training

cant quite remember what else

2 rds
press sequence
2 x straddle, 2 x pike, 2 planche leans, 2 x HSPu - pretty crap

3 rds
10 x peach lifts with 10kg plate
3 x pullovers with front lever

3 rds
planche leans x 8 with 8 bounces at end
5/4/3 - ring maltese things

forward roll to Pistol, both legs - bit of fun

going to be very sore