Thursday, May 22, 2014

Session 59

amazing how virtually every class something improves even if its small

Partner straddle and pike stretch
compression lift off ball.

Last round did compression lift into handstand and nailed it!! very happy

top half pike press against wall
8 x t2B

ring sequence
rollover into handstand
*finally got my legs straighter in rollovers and press to handstand is feeling great. Timing getting much better

van gelders
Handstand pivots

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Session 58

Great session! Absolutely smoked by the end of it.

partner stretching - straddle and pike - ridiculously painful
compression lifts off ball - making progress

ring sequence
lsit to handstand - finally nailed these and did a few really well

this one is not the best but not too bad either

Hang to invert to back lever assisted x 3 

gave straddle back lever a max effort- much better than last time

then did pbar sequence
3 x pike press, 3 HSPU - tired, so was pretty average


planche on band - tuck into straddle into pushup

practiced pivoting on hands which was crap, need to get hollow

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Session 57

Spent alot of time partner stretching to see whether I could get better ROM for straddle and pike press. Didn't help much, I was still sh*t at it. So frustrating.

Partner stretching
Compression lifts off ball
ring handstands

straddle press to handstand against wall
pike press to handstand against wall

backwards roll to handstand , then practice pivot

muscle wise a really light, easy class which is not a bad thing as for weeks the sessions have smashed me.

After class I gave my complete ring sequence a go

Straight hang, L muscleup, Lsit, rollover, Lsit, handstand, basket , back lever.  Not  a bad effort, can't quite press out the handstand yet but I'm not far away and just a bit tired to nail the back lever. Will look impressive once I can get this down pat.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

session 56

another good session

pbar sequence
lsit-pike press-straddle press-HSPU x 2 back to L
I am sooo bad at the back to L bit

kick up to handstand on rings.
Pretty ugly but was able to do it on my own. Caught it a bit low a couple of times and was able to press it out which is good progress. Ring HSPU is not too far away

lever chinups practice. better than last time but still not great

basket to straddle back lever. Held it for a couple of seconds in the horizontal position which is great. Need to lift my head and straighten out my back next

backroll to handstand practice. Pretty close on this , just cant quite keep my body tight enough