Tuesday, December 17, 2013


going to try and log my practice so i keep myself accountable to try and maintain some practice before i see marty again in the new year.


Handstand practice

Pull over to front lever
HSPU against wall

parrellete handstand practice ( went well)

Kip to support , can do it but need to land with straight arms

Ring headstand practice

2 x max handtsand walk
2 x lsit rope climb

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

session 45

year done! what a great year training in gymnastics. I have had ups and downs during the year but as a whole i have progressed so much and more importantly have really enjoyed it.

martin smashed me today knowing i have 4 weeks until we start again

parralette sequence
pike press , planche lean, straddle press, planche lean, hspU to L

Floor sequence
3 pike/3starddle/3 placche/3 HSPU

Ring sequence
basket to kip support, tack planche. headstand, back lever

practice cartwheels for a bit of fun

max handstand walk, wanted to do the length of gym but only made 18 metres, which is my longest walk ever and in my defence i was knackered

Friday, December 6, 2013

session 44

2nd last session for the year. Elbow feeling better

handstand on parrelletes, pretty crap , need to practice these

parrallete sequence
lsit-pike press-lsit, . planche lean, straddle press , hspu back to L

12 x ring rows, shoulder back and down
max ring tuck planche

band assisted planche pushups (felt good)

hs walking on plates, got up on two thick plates, great progress

good session

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Session 43

been struggling with motivation and sore elbows but always feel better after going to the session

Press sequence

2 pike/2 straddle/2 planche leans/ 2 HSPU

bar pullovers x 3

ls it to straddle planche assisted

max t planche on rings

handstand walking up onto plates, lots of fun and did quite well

2 more classes to go for the year