Thursday, March 27, 2014

Garage Practice

Feeling very motivated at the moment. Eating well makes such a huge difference to my energy levels.

Determined to get my HSPU back to where they were a couple of years ago. Just don't have the raw strength anymore as I have been training skill based stuff for so long.

A quick session but a nice surprise was a handstand pb 51 sec!

then did

4 rds
3 x HSPU on small parrelletes to one abmat (Small deficit)
5 x strict C2B

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Schwartz Practice

Another session while Marty is away that he gave me to do. Get so much more done when following a structured program


5 rds
compression lifts x 6
straddle heel raises x 10

straddle planche with band
tuck planche on rings

3 rds
ring sequence
mup/l sit/headstand/basket/bakc lever


handstand walks

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Garage Practice

Well one years worth of classes happens and Marty has uni in the mornings and I am busy at night and that means no classes at the moment :(

marty sent me through a program to do which is good

3 rds
10 sec hollow/10 x hollow rocks/10 jacknifes
10 sec superman/10 x rocks/10 bounces

*hard, gotta do this more

Handstand practice getting up to 30sec

FS hspu practice. Managed to get one full rep with alot of close ones. More practice as well

3 rds
3 x parrallete HSPU to one abmat
5 x chest to bar pullups

handstand walking practice

handstand pivot practice

good session, need more of these at home

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

session 52

well lesson 52 represents a full year worth of lessons. pretty satisfying. come along way

It was fitting that a FINALLY made some progress on press to handstand. it has been frustrating me so much, thank god one little part has finally clicked

pushups x 10 (feet on ball)
feet on ball , fingers facing feet , hips lifted

press practice , starddle first, as usual f*cking hopeless
then changed to pike off the ball and was finally able to get the pulling in of the shoulder and then pressing out. it is that movement that i havent been able to get my head round.

3 rds
bar pullovers , lowering into front lever x 4
assisted plance pushups x 5