Friday, October 25, 2013

Session 38

a few weeks off due to outside influences....kinda annoying

Great to be back into though

3 x handstand max effort 20sec,25, 20sec - can do better but a bit out of practice

5 rds
press to handstand (straddle) x 3

flip around bar thing coming to L x 3

handstand practice on parralettes (getting better)

l to straddle on parrellets x 3
max tuck planche on rings

good session

Friday, October 4, 2013

Session 37

Great session

for the second week in a row we did mostly skill work, which was good because I came into it pretty sore

Press sequence
3 pike/3 planche leans

Press to handstand off plates (straddle)
Did these unassisted for the 1st time ever (off plates) Still need plenty of practice but wrapt nonetheless

tightening up technique. Did a bunch of single reps with very little assistance. A bit more practice and i will nail these perfectly.

Bar rollover to front lever. These also looking pretty slick , front lever slowly developing

A couple of things that are standing out. Gymnastics skills take time, more than you think and you absolutely need good instruction. I simply could never have achieved the skills i have without Martin's knowledge