Friday, September 27, 2013

session 36

went into this pretty tired after moving house a couple of days before

3 rds
1 min handstand
5 x L sit to straddle on parrallettes
5 x planche lifts

Freestanding HSPU technique
was moving my head to far forward and not hollowing enough, changed head position and improved greatly

ring support swings in between attempts

backward roll to support then to handstand assisted

good session

Friday, September 20, 2013

session 35

couple weeks off with a trip overseas.

Things progressing pretty well but actually need to up the ante now that i'm getting decent skills. I have to aim for 2 x 1 hr stretching session per week rather than the 1/2 hour i am doing now. Also need to keep practicing handstand walking and get more control

3 rds
press sequence assisted
3 straddle/3 pike/3 planche/3 hspu

HS walking around square assisted
back and forth

3 rds
ring sequence
muscleup/L/roll to tuck planche(assisted) , invert to shoulder stand (assisted) , drop to basket, back lever (assisted)

rope climb
one rope in each hand from seated in L sit climb up to pullup and then do weird planche things x 5

wrecked from this session

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

session 34

As usual cant remember half the stuff i did

3 rds
12 x heel rises
10 x ring compression lifts

3 rds
straddle press/pike press/planche/hspu

blue band planche handstands and pushups

bar swing around things to front lever
x 3 without coming off bar

handstand pivot practice

another good session

Friday, September 6, 2013

session 33

bar sequence
1 t2B
1 pullup
1 t2b
1 C2B
1 t2B
1 bar muscleup

I was shit and unco at this and after a few attempts of f*cking up the sequence we moved on

did some core stuff , plank up an down against pole

reverse hyper straddle

1 min handtsand
2 x straddle press
2 x pike press

ring sequence

ring tuck planche with band

good session